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Why study geography? Geography is where it’s at!

Geography is the study of places, including anything and everything that is located on our planet. Pick any topic, any career, any travel destination, and come see how TCU Geography can help you achieve your goals.

Geographers blend a big picture view from above with observations on the ground, looking for patterns that explain how everything fits together. What is happening in a particular place? How is this place connected to other places? Combining social and physical sciences, geography uses a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to solving real-world problems.

New technologies have made geography especially relevant in the 21st century, and skills in data analysis and Geographic Information Systems are in high demand in the marketplace. In our courses, students gain experience applying these cutting-edge technologies to projects on topics across the social and environmental sciences.

Our alumni have careers in GIS, real estate, education, travel, law, medicine, management, the military, and intelligence services. Some have gone on to graduate school in geography or urban planning, as well as business, law, and medical schools.